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Lenticular prints generate a greater stopping influence and eyeball staying power, as well as higher retention than traditional prints

The use of lenticular prints has been in existence for years especially for novelty / small items.  What’s new locally is the capability to capture this concept to bigger sizes from POSM panels to large format printing.  And when used as such, it definitely gives life to the adage, a picture is worth a thousand words.

With the right execution which means the application of a good creative concept to a fluid technical production, a lenticular ad equates to an increased stopping power from shoppers and consumers and a longer eyeball staying power that can be supported by an eye tracking research.  This is already saying a lot especially in today’s time of intense competition for people’s attention in-store and OOH.

The benefits of a good lenticular ad continues on  to a higher recall, good brand/company image and greater influence  in accidental purchase.  All efforts to measure the effectiveness of lenticular ads support these values.  From Time Magazine’s to  those of private service providers of lenticular to 11 FTC’s eye tracking research, shoppers and consumers find them effective.  For instance, 11 FTC’s eye tracked shoppers in general trade find them unique and fresh, compelling and likable especially among the younger crowd.  More so,  a served clothing retailer has rated its lenticular poster above average in terms of engagement  among its shoppers.

Using a case study made by a famous European alcoholic beverage company on a lenticular display in 3 of their test stores, the results extended to the ff:

  • 21% of consumers who usually did not drink their brand, felt attracted to the display and thought they ought to give it a try.
  • Consumers who were exposed to the lenticular display in the test stores 15 days after and were then asked if they remembered it, mostly said that they did. Moreover,

    ◦ 91% of them recalled seeing the display
    ◦  31% asked about the product.
    ◦  34%  could not recall what the competitors display (conventional 2D printed) look like.
    ◦ 1.3 % demonstrated a change in brand loyalty
    (Online Source: Canadian print provider)

In spite of the sporadic successful stories on lenticular printing, it remains to be a niche market. 

For 11 FTC, it remains to be a fresh way of creatively communicating the brand’s key messages.  At the moment, lenticular printing remains to be among its line up of capabilities and resources giving a chance for the local market to have a go for it.

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