Creative Design



The KitKat bench designs were part of a special project for a brand awareness campaign. What started as just one of the many interesting requirements we received at the time turned out to be among our classic masterpieces now. 


With the intent to bring to life the brand’s tagline of “Have a break.  Have a KitKat.” and through a collaboration with the brand, we thought of both a practical and creative imagery.  Capturing the idea of a break and the look of a KitKat bar, an association with the classic wooden outdoor bench came about, thus the making of an oversized KitKat bar wooden bench that’s now distributed across the metro. The design delivered the client’s requirement of a playful, current and engaging representation of the brand in the different trade channels.


To date, the primary KitKat bench continues to evolve into several other concepts within the idea of  a “break time”.   There’s just a KitKat bench for all types of break preferences, from  a more fun type (seesaw bench) to one that uses technology (bench  with wifi) and one that features different personalities (soccer bench for sports, bench with musical instruments and bench with board games) among many others.


Still being used indoor and outdoor in some of the most popular trade channels, as well as featured in commercials and other online videos, the KitKat bench remains to be a reminder for us of a delivered good idea and this continues to inspire us to stay creative, reliable and strategic in our concepts and  fabrication.